You can raise money by participating with your local theatre using the Cinema Fundraiser for your worthwhile money raising program

We will work with you to design your piece to make sure your fundraising goals are communicated to the community through this program

Who should try Cinema Fundraiser?   Schools, Sports Teams, Local Organizations and Churches - Really, any group

Why THIS Fundraiser?

Other groups are selling candy, trash bags, magazine subscriptions or fast food discount cards.  These have been successful in the past but now your group can raise money by providing discounts on movies and concessions.  Contact us now so that your group will be the one to lock in this new and unique fundraising concept.


  • Your band needs new uniforms       
  • Have a big trip planned       
  • Football team needs new helmets      
  • Drama department needs costumes and sets      
  • Many, many more

Raise serious money with Cinema Fundraiser

We will do all printing, shipping, and accounting with your group as well as provide point of sale materials

How It Works

Your local theatre wants to work with your group because they have a strong investment in the community. The people that work in the theatre live in the surrounding area, go to area schools and are members of local organizations

We have a strong relationship with the movie industry and can help you with this fundraising program.  If your group has tried other fundraising projects, you know how difficult it is to get people to give money, even for a worthwhile project.       

Because movies are so popular, and people are going anyway, selling a Cinema Fundraiser coupon piece that has $20-25 worth of concession discounts for only $10 is pretty easy

And your group keeps 60% of the proceeds without any up-front costs!

Support your local theatre - generate the funds you need!

How to Begin

Is Your Group...

  • Needing to raise significant dollars?      
  • Willing to try something new?      
  • Willing to work hard to reach your goals?

If you have just 50 people selling 10 or more pieces each, you can raise $3,000 or more in short period of time

  • Get the community involved - they want to help. 
  • Get the kids involved - it’s a great learning experience and it’s tough to say no to a young person committed to a project. Students get great results.  
  • Get us involved.  Steve and Jim have done thousands of fundraiser pieces and we know how to help get the most from your efforts.  We can include pictures, logos and verbiage that will help tell your fundraising story.  

Not only is there no upfront cost, but you don't pay anything until the project is finished. AND you only are charged for the pieces sold. This is a fun, no risk way to earn money for your project so contact us today!

Cinema Fundraiser  913 283-8172

Fundraiser Ideas

We've Done Fundraisers for:

  • Band trip to a Bowl Game Parade      
  • Band trip to London (New Years Day Parade)
  • Basketball Team equipment      
  • New Band Uniforms 
  • Football Team equipment  
  • Prom Night expenses      
  • Project Graduation (senior night activities)      
  • Paws 4 Life     
  • Relay for Life       
  • State Miss Teen Pageant (expenses)

If you need to raise money for your project, then Cinema Fundraiser is your solution

Make it a special event at YOUR theatre.      

Pep rally with the Band.

After football game party.      

Drama department teaser.  

Animal adoption event.      

Be creative - HAVE FUN!!

Site Content

Cinema Fundraiser is a Cinema Clips Marketing program.   For the past 10 years, we have only provided marketing and concession promotions that are 100% movie industry related.   

No oil changes or half priced burgers here

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