Drink Refill Program

Does Your Theatre have a Drink Refill Program?

YES! - Great!  It is a very good way to bring people back to your theatre and concession area.  Also it is a good way to say thanks to your regular customers.  If you don't, here is an idea:

The CinemaFundraiser Drink Refill Program

  • Order as little as one case (300 cups).  
  • We will provide point of sale materials to promote this program.  (see below)
  • It's a 32oz IML cup (In-Mold-Label)
  • Dishwasher proof
  • High Quality

Who Benefits

  • Your Customer: After purchasing the initial cup and drink, the cost for a drink will be reduced.
  • Your Theatre: Regular customers are the lifeblood of successful businesses.  Offering good value is a great way to say 'Thanks' for your loyalty.
  • Brave Beginnings - Who??

What is Brave Beginnings

A movie industry charity (div. of Will Rogers Institute) whose mission it is to ensure life-saving neonatal equipment is available to newborns in critical need. www.bravebeginnings.org

How does this program help Brave Beginnings

Your theatre, along with RCM Media and CinemaFundraiser will donate a portion of the cost of the refill cup to Brave Beginnings.

Point of Sale Materials


A clever little piece that can be attached to your register or box office to bring attention to your New Drink Refill Program.  Dimensions are 7x 6.  

Counter Card

This 11 x 8 1/2 PERSONALIZED countercard is a good way to promote your refill program.  It can be placed on the concession counter or attached to your register.  Tell your customers that here is a great deal AND by purchasing this drink, we are Helping Preemies Thrive.

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