Cinema Clips Marketing / Cinema Fundraiser

Cinema Clips Marketing / Cinema Fundraiser

Community Support and Theater Profits Go Together

Community Support and Theater Profits Go Together

Cinema Fundraiser


To help groups in your community raise funds for a worthwhile purpose

Bring more people to your theatre and more importantly to your concessions

How it Works

Your theatre can help organizations that need to raise serious money (ie bands that need uniforms or have a big trip planned, sports programs, drama departments, prom committees, etc.). We suggest a sell price of $10 (the value of the discounts should be $20-25). With a cost of $4 (we only charge for the units sold), the remainder of the proceeds ($6 - 60%) goes to the organization.

Contact Steve Ingham or Jim Armstrong with the group’s information and we’ll take it from there. 913 283-8172

We will work with you for the design of the piece: theatre info, coupons, etc.

We will work with the organization to make sure their fundraising goals are communicated through the piece.

We will do all printing, shipping, and accounting with the organization as well as providing point of sale materials.

Once coupon pieces are sold (we suggest a 2-3 week push), we will follow up with the organization and arrange for any unsold pieces to be returned and give you a full recap.

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Theatre Financial



Movie Tickets*

* Based on 2 tickets @ $8.00 each
2015 National average ticket price was $8.34


Revenue Generated

Revenue / Cost
$16.00 / $8.00
$4.00 / $0.40
$0.00 / $0.25
$20.00 / $8.65

The assumption is that very few people
go to the movies by themselves




$10+ in Margins
for just one free popcorn coupon

How to Begin

Find the Right Group

ALL organizations fund raise
Organizations YOU, your family or friends belong to
Organizations / Schools your kids are a part of
Groups/Schools your employees are members of
Groups asking you for donations
Groups you would like to be associated with

Go to to see the organization website

Generate Excitement

Tell the community through your web site that you support and will help them raise money for worthwhile projects

We will provide Point of Sale materials (posters, countercards and wobblers) to the theatre and organization to promote the sale of the coupon piece.


“As a theatre owner, it’s great to be of significant help to our local high school. We saw increased business and will definitely do this again”.
Theatre owner, Virginia

“The Cinema Clips Fundraiser was a key part of raising funds for our new basketball equipment. We will definitely use this program again next year”
SHS Booster President

Contact Us

Steve Ingham
816 868-4124

Jim Armstrong
913 710-2279

Cinema Clips Marketing / Cinema Fundraiser

4500 W. 90th Terr. Ste 306, Prairie Village, KS 66207

Office (913) 283-8172