Cinema Clips Coupon Booklet


A Personalized Coupon Booklet That Helps Promote Your Theatre.

How it works:

Theatre sells the coupon booklet that has $20-$40 in concession discounts for $10. 

(Most theatres average $7-10 in additional  revenue for each coupon used.)

Of each sale, theatre keeps $6.

All design, printing, shipping/handling, is covered by Cinema Clip Marketing.

There is no upfront cost and you only pay for the piece sold.


  • Bring more people to your theatre
  • Increase concession sales
  • Promote concession items that are most profitable
  • Sell the booklet to generate additional revenue

When should you promote the booklet - ANYTIME!

But most theatres are usually slow 2 times a year

  Sept - Oct - Nov

  Jan - Feb - Mar - April

When the Kids go back to school

Discounting concession items is a good way to bring people to your theatre

Win - Win - Win

Drives Patrons to Concessions

Drives Patrons to Concessions

Drives Patrons to Concessions


Tell your customers what you have and what's NEW

Customers LOVE a Deal

Drives Patrons to Concessions

Drives Patrons to Concessions


If you provide a FREE popcorn, will your customer most likely buy a drink?  And maybe a candy?

Fill Those Empty Seats

Drives Patrons to Concessions

Fill Those Empty Seats


Sell Cinema-Clips on your website, Facebook page or concession area. 

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